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Custom Made Upholstery

Custom Made Upholstery
  • 20 Kasım 2021

Upholstery is the materials that include fabric, padding, webbing and springs that make up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas and other furniture. Modern upholstered products use metal springs and foam for greater durability. While the interior materials may not be visible, they make a big difference in whether the piece is comfortable or not. And the fabric is always replaceable and may need to be replaced due to wear. Choosing high quality inner layers will ensure the piece will last for years.

Furniture Reupholstery NYC

In New York furniture reupholstery, when the wooden parts of your furniture deteriorate, they are maintained in our workshop. After it is repaired in accordance with the original, it is varnished and regains its first day’s shine. Upholstery is completed and delivered in a much more modern and original way than the first day, using the latest fabrics and decorations. To continue to experience the elegance of your classic furniture, just contact us.

Custom Upholstery

Among the furniture sets, you do not like the model, fabric and color of some of them, and the opposite for others. Come to Hudson, the best product designer, and let us customize the sofa sets you dream of. For this:

  • First of all, you choose the model of your furniture from our catalogs.
  • Then you choose a fabric that you like from among our fabric options or from companies selling fabrics.
  • After choosing the upholstery style of this fabric on the furniture, we make a special production for you as soon as possible and deliver it to your address.

Custom Furniture Upholstery Near Me

New York furniture repair and upholstery or special furniture requests from scratch; You can add color to your life with your own unique designs by liking our fabric types according to quality, color and patterns from our catalogs in our company. Hudson, the best product designer, upholsters furniture according to your style.

  • Check out our extensive flooring collection. We are always happy and committed to helping you narrow down your choices.
  • Show us a picture of the tile pattern or color you want . For example, you can show one in a magazine or on your phone.
  • Let our upholstery design experts help you choose. Show us a picture of the room where your furniture is located or a room design such as paint swatches or chips, fabric patterns, curtain pictures or other relevant pictures of your vision.
  • For information about seat upholstery prices, send a picture and/or message of your product on www.hudsonfurnitureinc.com.

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